Don’t Defy Your Genes. Live in Them.

Fit Protocol

“Waist and inseam don’t create the perfect fitting jean. A fundamental understanding of how each pattern piece is designed and placed to create the perfect fit for your size and body structure results in an intrinsically well-fitting garment.”

– John Gallagher
Founder & World’s Top Fit Consultant


We design “fit first” premium denim made specifically for your body structure. Muscle mass and body fat relative to height are essential when designing the perfect fit – alongside the selection of premium raw denim that continues to form to your shape over time.

Indentify your body structure below, then cross reference with our Size Guide.

Intrinsic Fit
Slim Jake (117)

You’re long and slender (any height) with lean muscle and little body fat. You may have a hard time gaining weight. You need a slender fit because of your straight shoulders, narrow hips, and lean legs.

What to expect from this fit:
Slim through the hips and thighs while tailored through the legs.

Intrinsic Fit
Chieftain Straight (171)

You’re symmetrically sturdy, neither overweight nor underweight. But you’re far from average. You’re strong, maybe even athletic as you tend to develop muscles easily. You need a balanced fit for your proportionate frame, broad shoulders, smaller waist, and developed legs.

What to expect from this fit:
Intentionally cut to fit a more muscular thigh but it’s cut nearly straight from the knee to the leg opening.

Intrinsic Fit
Big Gally (711)

You’re stealthily strong, not necessarily overweight. You have a plentiful shape, with a balanced percentage of muscle and body fat. Because of your stockier bone structure with larger midsection and hips, you often prefer looser fitting clothing, but not baggy and shapeless.

What to expect from this fit:
Our fullest cut, allowing for a super comfortable fit for bigger builds or for those who prefer a looser fit through the thigh and leg opening.